MEI Safety

2019 Ron Amerson Supervisor Safety Award Program

The AGC Georgia and the AGC Georgia Safety and Health Committee would like to convey each of our frontline supervisors here at McLendon Enterprises, Inc. their appreciation for their dedication in keeping safety at the forefront on their projects. Due to COVID-19 we were not able to receive and distribute these acknowledgement awards in 2020. However, in 2019 many of our frontline supervisors conducted themselves as leaders in the McLendon Enterprises, Inc. Safety Program. Leading by example, they proved that they could produce a finished project while keeping the health and safety of their workforce at the forefront of each day.

McLendon Enterprises, Inc. wants to acknowledge these leaders with a Certificate of Commendation for Safety Excellence and thank them for their commitment to safety by presenting them with the Ron Amerson Supervisor Safety Award. Leaders must first demonstrate a commitment to safety and the rest will follow, and these frontline supervisors prove that every day by providing a safe working environment for their employees. Thank you for what you all do to ensure our men and women at McLendon Enterprises, Inc. return home safely every day to their families.


MEI Safety Department would like to thank our Senior Project Manager andour Business Development teams for allowing us to host a security camera demonstration on one of our own projects. scDataCom performed a demo of a new mobile security camera system for the SSIG (Savannah Shared Interest Group) bringing several companies together on one project to learn about some of the latest security technologies available across all industries. We would also like to thank the AGC (Associated General Contractors) for bringing all of the industries together for one purpose, the safety and security of the American Workforce.

scDataCom's very own Jonathon Hall brought a very comprehensive demo for all industries, Thank You! - MEI Safety Manager